* Pearson *

Educating 100 million people worldwide, Pearson Education is the leader in integrated education publishing. Spread across a wide spectrum of subjects, including business, technology, sciences, law and the humanities, our books and resources help students learn, teachers teach, and professionals evolve throughout their careers. Our books and learning tools help people around the world to expand their knowledge, develop their skills and realize their potential. Pearson Education provides quality content, assessment tools, and educational services in all available media, spanning the learning curve from birth, through university, and beyond.

We specialize in the publication of academic and reference books in the fields of computer science, engineering, business and management, professional and trade, higher education and competitive examination preparation books. We are also India’s foremost publisher in school publishing (K-12), with book lists in English language teaching (ELT), the humanities, the sciences and mathematics, from primary to senior secondary classes.

With elaborate editorial facilities in Delhi, Chennai and Chandigarh, Pearson Education India covers the entire subcontinent. We have specific divisions catering to all levels and fields of education. We create indigenous publishing programmes to meet local market needs, and undertake customized publishing for schools, universities and other institutions. We work closely with our authors and customers through strong editorial development processes and innovations in sales and marketing.

* Our Imprints *

The imprints that make up Pearson Education describe a rich educational and literary heritage.

* Longman *

Is a leading publisher of educational materials for schools, higher education, and English language teaching (ELT). It is the world's oldest commercial imprint; it published the first book typeset by Benjamin Franklin back in 1725, the first English language dictionary in 1755 and the first edition of Roget’s *Thesaurus* in 1852.

* Prentice Hall *

Founded in 1913, is a leading publisher in most of the main academic disciplines and on cutting-edge topics in business, computer science, engineering and information technology.

* Scott Foresman *

Which dates back to 1889, taught generations of Americans to read with the first Dick, Jane, and Spot stories and published *First Journeys in Numberland*, the first math text for primary grades. Always at the forefront of elementary education publishing, Pearson Scott Foresman joined forces with NASA in 2003 to enhance science curricula.


Which firmly established its reputation as a science and math publisher of note in 1942 with the bestselling *Microbiology*, is the world’s leading technical publisher.

* Benjamin Cummings *

Is one of the world’s foremost science publishers in the higher education market, specializing in the areas of anatomy and physiology, biology, health and kinesiology, and microbiology.

* Our other businesses and brands include *

Merrill Education, Cisco Press, FT-Prentice Hall, Peachpit, Sams, Que, New Riders Publishing, Penguin Longman Publishing and Pearson PTR.