General Questions :

1: How does the competition work ?

The competition has five stages

* School Competition

* Inter School Championship

* State Championship

* National Championship

* International Championship

The competition begins at the School and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National Championships.

Only those who qualify in the School Competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. The State and the National Championship would comprise of participants, who qualify from the Inter School and State Championships respectively. All those who qualify from the National Championship would participate in the MaRRS International Spelling Bee.

2: Who can participate ?

MaRRS International Spelling Bee is accessible to all school students from class 1 to 12. The participants compete in six different categories depending on the class they study in.

3: Which are the different categories in the competition?

CAT 3 - CLASSES 3 & 4
CAT 4 - CLASSES 5 & 6
CAT 5 - CLASSES 7, 8, & 9
CAT 6 - CLASSES 10, 11 & 12

4: How do I join MaRRS Spelling Bee ?

To join MaRRS Spelling Bee, you have to join the competition at the School Level. Every child must be registered through the School. Every participant would require the parent/guardian’s consent on the registration form, which would be distributed through the school.
If the MaRRS spelling bee has not come to your school, send us the details of your school. Our team will contact your school.

5: Who would qualify for the Inter School, State and National Championship ?

All those participants who enter into the Oral Round of the School competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. All those who qualify from the Oral Round of the Inter School and State Championship may participate in the State and National championship respectively. Those who do not attend the Oral Round are disqualified from participating in the next level.

6: How are participants identified during the competition?

Every participant on registration for the school level competition is given a unique Candidate Identification Number (CIN), which would be the identity of the participant at all, levels of the competition.

7: What is CIN and how is it different from the registration number?

CIN stands for Candidate Identification Number. It is used to identify the student at all levels of our competition except the school level. The registration number on the other hand, is issued only to those students who have registered for a particular event. Unlike the registration number, the CIN number does not change even when the student reaches the state, national or international level.
You have to login on the website marrsspellingbee.com to check your results at all levels of the competitions.

8: How do I type in my CIN?

Please type your CIN without providing spaces between the first two letters and the number given in you admit card.

9: My name is printed wrongly in the Admit Card. What should I do?

Please report to the matter to the office next to you. We shall arrange to give you an alternate admit card.

10: When I try logging in, it shows invalid CIN. What should I do?

Please type your CIN without providing spaces between the first two letters and the number given in you admit card.
If you still have problems, send a mail to enquiry@marrs.in

11: What are the prizes/gifts for the winners?

Winner 1 - 4444* USD
Winner 2 - 2222* USD
Winner 3 - 1111* USD

The 4th to 10th Rank holders will get 222* USD each
The students holding next 10 ranks are called the budding stars and will get 111* USD each

The best performer of the International championship will get a cumulative scholarship of 33,000 USD! Inclusive of the reward for being the best Performer of the event of 20,000 USD.

The toppers of the National Championship would also receive a cumulative scholarship of 30,000 USD.

The total scholarships distributed during the Nationals and Internationals would be 1,35,000 USD.

Please note:

1. The prizes are in the form of scholarships and NOT cash awards.
2. The amount is meant for the further education of the winners from the date of the competition up to a further period of ten years.
3. The amount will be paid over a period of ten years in four quarterly installments per year. The scholarship fund would be disbursed directly to the educational institution where the student is studying. The payment would be effected only after the institution certifies that the winner continues to be their student before every payment.

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