The Play2Learn competitions aim to nurture the child’s natural learning process at various levels: Playschool, LKG and UKG. Each activity encourages creativity and spontaneity and gently enhances the child’s hand-eye coordination, mental development and social skills.

The MaRRS Play2Learn Carnival begins at the school level, progresses to the National Prelims and finally to the National Carnival. The School Carnivals will be conducted in the respective schools. Students will qualify for the National Prelims on the basis of their grades at the School Carnivals. The National Prelims will be held at all district headquarters, and the National Carnival will be organised at a location chosen by MaRRS and communicated in advance to the schools.

Here are some of the rounds of the competitions:

  • 1. Colouring: fill an outline picture with colours
  • 2. Count and Place: pick the appropriately numbered cards from a box and place them against the bunch of items of the matching number.
  • 3. Action Song: sing any song/ rhyme with matching actions.
  • 4. Put them in the Right Basket: segregate objects according to labels given on 3 baskets, and put them in the respective baskets.
  • 5. Match the Mother: match pictures of young ones to their respective mothers.
  • 6. Board Game: pick out a number and perform the activity earmarked to the number, as mentioned on a circular board.
  • 7. Paper Folding: fold a sheet of paper as per instructions.
  • 8. Memory Test: memorise the names of objects in a given collection, and recollect them from memory.
  • 9. Match the Heads: match the heads of various animals from the pictures given, to their respective bodies.
  • 10. Clay Modelling: model clay into different shapes.

All the Participants will receive gradation certificates and mementos.

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