About Us

At MaRRS, education is more than business; it is passion. This passion for education fuels everything we do and drives us to achieve success. MaRRS is dedicated to creating and sustaining alternative methods of education, allowing students to develop academically and personally, based on their goals, interests and abilities.

Since 2003, when MaRRS first opened its doors, the company has realised that there has been an ever increasing demand from parents for education beyond the traditional school curriculum. Therefore, we have a special focus on moving beyond the curriculum within the broader commitment to achieving excellence in product development.

Skill development and literacy are essential for a growing economy. MaRRS has been answering this call by providing premium content across the globe through online training and support, Student Development Programmes, Competitions, CDs and published books. This enables students to gain the knowledge they need where, when, and how they want it.

MaRRS has always been innovative and are forerunners of new ways of providing students with exciting learning programmes to instil a passion in them for learning in a healthy competitive environment. MaRRS attracts thousands of diverse and dynamic students each year. Over a million students annually attend our programmes.

MaRRS products and services are designed to provide knowledge beyond the classroom, including skills and perspectives needed for advancing academic excellence in a competitive world.